100th Post

I had planned to do a rant for today’s post, but then I realised it was my 100th post so it should be a celebration instead! This also ensures I have a rant ready to go for another week when inspiration runs out.

Firstly, I’d like to thank my followers for reading some of these 100 posts – I appreciate there is very little theme, other than a loose idea around what is going on inside my head that week. I’ve had some followers from day one, who still look forward to Catherine’s Corner landing in their inbox – I hope to continue to keep you entertained over the next 100 posts. For those more recent followers – you’ve got less than 100 posts to catch up on, so you’ll be caught up in no time!

I’ll be honest, I think I’ve done well to get to post 100 and to keep coming up with rants to write. I know at my blog-aversay I was worried I’d run out of content, but here we are! While life still continues to have mysteries, I’ll keep having reasons to post. I’m not too sure how many times now I’ve whipped my phone out while walking down the street to note down a topic to blog about in the future. There is still content out there, so don’t worry kids. I am, however, worried there aren’t quite another 100 blogs in me.

This summer, my challenge of rowing the Thames provided some spot-on blog content – although I’m not sure I need to take on another challenge to keep the content coming! Likewise, I’m still doing Meat-Free Mondays so not sure how much space there is in my diet to do another food fad for another day of the week.

I’m tempted to start doing restaurant reviews to pad out content – partly because that helps to justify endless dinners out (and not always for one!) but also in the hope I can start picking up some freebies! Christmas is coming and this is my 100th post that hasn’t involved some kind of gift for me to claim to be an influencer. There is also a chance I could turn this into a blog where I share recipes, but once you’ve written about banana balls, have you already highlighted bad food taste?

Life has changed a lot since I started this blog, 100 posts ago. Then I was at university – now I’m over a year into my grad job (I’m not sure when you go from grad job to job, but it doesn’t feel like now). I’ve gone from living with friends in Hull to living with friends in London – aside from the city, the change in cost is A LOT.

Finally, I want to share some stats with you. I’m a sucker for a good interesting fact, so hopefully, some of these will appeal.

Most popular post in terms of views – When are you really an adult?
Most common referrer – Twitter
Best views ever – May 22nd 2018
Most popular day – Tuesday (51% of views)
Total words – 38,780
My average post lengths are getting longer. 2016 – 312 2017 – 385 2018 – 409
At this point, I can tell you today’s post is above average in terms of length, but you can be the judge on the content!

If you’ve got anything you’d like to see in the next 100 posts please let me know – ideas are always welcomed!

2 thoughts on “100th Post

  1. Congratulations! I wouldn’t worry about content as you’ve reached 100 posts I’m sure that themes will keep jumping out at you! Life offers us many surprises and that bad day at work, the crazy party, the walk in the park suddenly give you subjects to talk about. 🙂


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