Is feedback valuable?

Today, I hope today’s blog post is up there with some of life’s great questions, such as “Am I bored or hungry?” “What is the meaning of life” and “Where is the TV remote?”

Unfortunately, I can’t answer those today, but hopefully, I can ponder another; is feedback valuable?

I think I’ve only ever written a review if it was bad, so bad that I was angry enough to write it so naturally, it was a scathing review. Others only write reviews when they’ve had a life-shatteringly good experience to give a 5* rating, but how often do we offer an average Joe review.

Some things want reviews all the time – like rating your Uber driver *other brands available* or your eBay seller – and yes, I have given negative feedback. But other things email me asking for a review, such as clothes online, and I never do. Tesco gives me the option to review my shop and gain Clubcard points, which I do every now and then but that isn’t a preferred option. So if feedback is so hard to come by, is it even valuable?

I’ve only done a few reviews – one was on just eat for a veggie dish that had some suspicious looking meat in it. I figured this was a highly important review to alert vegetarians to the potential risk to their dinner. I think this is the only public review I have given. I’ve offered friends recommendations of good places to go based on experience, but never one that feeds into a feedback score.

However, I have left some “behind the scenes” feedback. One was for poor customer service when getting my breakfast at the train station – name badges are a great addition to pinpoint the individual who could do with a refresher on how to smile. I have also recently emailed a hotel chain. This was to praise them on the attitude and helpfulness of a member of their team. She was a real credit and a welcome addition to a regular dinner for one. I, however, think this is a rarity, how often do we experience a great member of staff and inform the higher chain that they are great? It takes two seconds to let them know that Kathy is a credit to their organisation, but makes a huge difference to her.

Have we become a world where a negative review is a given but a positive is rare? In which case is the regularity of a review the key. If they get sporadic feedback is that a sign most people are happy and don’t comment, or is it a sign that everyone knows it is bad so customers are only sporadic?

I’m not sure we have a feedback system that works effectively – but be sure to leave positive feedback to today’s post below!

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