200th post

So here it is. No not Christmas, another milestone for Catherine’s Corner.

This is my 200th post. To give me inspiration on what to write for this momentous occasion, I decided to read my 100th post.

In essence, it was me worrying about running out of things to write about and hoping I could use this blog to get some freebies.

100 posts on and little has changed. I’m still struggling to think up things to rant about – thank you lockdown – and still yet to land any free stuff to talk about on here. I fear the general tone of ranting might be a factor in this, though.

My 100th posts talked about meat-free Mondays and a Thames rowing challenge as key content fillers. Since then, a new edition has found its way into the blog – CCBC.

When deciding to do a book review at the start of the year, the worry was fitting in reading with my busy social schedule. One perk of the old covid pandemic has been cancelling all plans to give me times to read these books. But also lockdown puts a whole new perspective on life which gives some fresh content ideas too.

I’ve continued to pick up followers on this journey, so hope you are enjoying the ride! If there’s any topics or areas you’d like me to consider, please leave in a comment below!

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