Meat-Free Christmas

Lol no. It might have been a Monday, but meat was eaten. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without turkey, sausage meat stuffing, pigs in blankets - or in my case naked pigs as I don't like bacon. It's not been the best kept secret that Christmas falls on a Monday this year, so I've had a …

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Meat-Free Monday; a Month on the farm

It has been a while since I have updated you on the progress on Meat-Free Monday. For those of you new to my blog all - check out previous Meat-free Mondays posts. To start with some good news I am still going! May was a bit of a blip - a lot of celebrating the end …

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Meat-Free Monday: The Final Take

Hopefully, you've enjoyed following my progress with my meat-Free Mondays, if not, don't worry this will be my last post on the issue! Starting my Meat-Free Monday journey, I think it was safe to say I was sceptical at best. Can cutting meat out of my diet one day a week really make any significant …

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Meat- Free Monday Take 4

Yesterday, was the last day of my month long trial of going Meat-Free on Mondays. This post will follow the standard "what I ate" approach with another post coming on my takeaways from the experience - if you're going to do it milk it for all it is worth! Lunch was a fairly basic creation …

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Meat- Free Monday Take 3

Yesterday saw the third Monday in February grace us with its presence, and once again I stuck to eating no meat. Today, having got the hang of avoiding meat I thought I would try some different dishes. Rather than just avoiding putting meat on my plate I would try and do something that could be …

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Meat-Free Monday Take 2

On a day filled with love, it is only right I turn my blog to something I love; food. Yesterday was the second instalment of my month-long trial of Meat-Free Monday. I was coming down with a cold yesterday, so I turned to the classic comfort food. A nice big, warm bowl of soup, with …

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Meat-free Monday update

As you should all know, I have decided to avoid Meat on Mondays - if you don't know read up about it here - Meat-free Mondays Yesterday was the first day I had deliberately avoided eating meat for my meals. I think I managed it pretty well. I wasn't overly excited by lunch - I've cooked …

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