A little boost of beauty

So a friend of mine recently set up a little side hustle, so it’s only right I give this some air time!

Jess has signed up to be a Body Shop at home consultant – check out the full details here.

Excitingly, this gives me my first freebie to try on Catherine’s Corner!!

I placed an order for a variety of goodies for me and for gifts. These are lovingly packaged by Body Shop and slightly less lovingly delivered by Hermes!

So I thought for today’s post I’d pop a little review of some of these treats.

I hadn’t really used many Body Shop products in the past so thought a good approach would be to go big on different scents.

One of my favourites is the almond milk scent. The body yogurt goes on smoothly and is well absorbed into the skin and leaves it smelling nutty and fresh.

I also like the drops of youth face cream. This leaves my skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bum – not sure that’s why it has the name it does though. I’m not sure if it gives my skin the hydration hit it needs in these wintery times. Thankfully, the order came with some free samples. In it was the vitamin E face cream, which odds on will be added to the next order to add the moisture back into my skin.

There’s nothing I enjoy more than a Sunday bubble bath and face mask. (not featured on the pic) but I popped a bath blend into the basket. The berry one smells just like a smoothie – essential disclaimer not to drink it – and adds a hint of bubble to the bath. The smell makes this a 10/10, but I’d like more bubbly bubbles. So I’d be tempted to pair this with the bubble bath to give me that hit! The face mask was solid. Definitely a re-order one.

In fear of letting this post run on forever, I’ll stop there! Jess is also probably far more qualified to tell you the benefits of each product and how best to suit your skin so get in touch with her via the Facebook page!

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