CC away

I've got a job where emails are a staple of my day. To the point, I get concerned if 15 minutes passes and I've not received email. However, I want to raise concern over some of the ettiquette procedures that emails involve. Cc. This is a button that is massively overused, coupled with this is …

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Theatre Nights

This weekend I went to the theatre - I'm cultured like that! I watched Five Guys Named Moe and can fully recommend it, but today's post is about the people that come to the theatre that got on my nerves. The production started at 7.45. I was slightly smug that the row in front my …

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What’s lurking in the water?

Today's post could almost be my first review of a specific place. This weekend, a group of us went to The coal shed for dinner - this is a steak place. I've put the receipt below and I'd just like you to see if you can spot what is up with this - hint it …

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Practice, Performance enhancing drugs

Yesterday the news broke of a potential doping scandal at the Olympics - sadly I wasn't surprised. Sport has become overrun with doping scandals, I don't know a huge amount about the testing of athletes and how long this process takes, but one of the biggest shames is how they can compete, win, receive a …

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Valentines, Schmalentines

Tomorrow we approach another "holiday" I just can't get behind. Valentines Day. I probably won't have pancakes today, not because I'm anti-Shrove Tuesday, just that a batter makes more than enough for one and I don't need too many pancakes - might indulge at the weekend though as pancakes are for the whole year, not …

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How much is loyalty worth?

We’re hit with headlines of switching and saving but is there any value in staying loyal for you and the brand? I have a handful of loyalty cards; one gives me a point for every pound I spend, another four and one gives me 10. This makes me more likely to shop there but this …

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Bonkers Banking

Today I hope to help some of you with your long distant memories of New Year's resolutions, by discussing one of my savings tips - this is however hidden within a rant! I'm going to focus on banking. High street branches receive a lot of negative publicity for closing. My issue with them is their …

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