Happy Birthday? Happy Anniversary?

This week my blog turns one. I’m not sure whether this is a birthday or an anniversary, but either way, I think some sort of cake should be made.
This is also my 52nd post, so pretty spot on for publishing a post a week. For today’s post, I’m going to pull out some facts and stats about my year on Catherine’s Corner.
The UK leads the way for views, followed by the US and India. India didn’t view my blog in 2016, but here they are now!
My best day ever for views was March 2nd. This came off the back of my successful Meat-free Monday posts. This success has been highlighted with my month review of meat-free Monday on the farm being my most liked post. Although May was my best month for views. 5 posts were published during May with recommended portion sizes being the most popular of these.
Since February nearly every post has been posted on a Tuesday, which is my most common day for views – accounting for 36% of them. When are you really an adult? Seemed to be the topic that sparked the most debate as this was my most commented-on blog post while asking what’s wrong with water peaked interest as this has been my most viewed blog post.
During my year as a blogger, I’ve covered all sorts of topics, with rages about public transport, exploring many wonders of the food we eat, and how we eat it to being baffled by buffets and fuel station shops. 

Many thanks to all those who have managed to read all of these posts – let me know if you have a favourite in the comments. You’ll be relieved to hear I’ve still got some ideas for future posts as life hasn’t stopped throwing up topics to explore, but let me know if you have any bug-bears you’d like me to cover.

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