An experiment of the mind

Ok, so this isn’t really a mind experiment it is a post dedicated to one of my favourite TV shows. And no, I’m not ashamed to admit it is The Masked Singer.

For those not lucky enough for this to be the Saturday night entertainment, let me try and explain the premise of the show. It’s a singer contest meets guess who. So the contestants are all celebrities who are disguised – and the costumes are fabulous! This year, we have had chandelier, lionfish, rockhopper and more. Clue packages are put together by the celebrity – with their voice disguised – as we’re asked to guess who they are. They then sing – which in itself can be a clue – and in theory, the worst singer is voted off, but the conspiracy theorist in me thinks the celebrity we are closest to guessing is booted out.

Which really brings me to the point of the show. How do we guess who is behind the mask? I know in any good science experiment you create a hypothesis and then test it to breaking point to know you are right. But that’s not the approach I seem to take.

So, in the first episode, we were introduced to Traffic Cone. The clue package had a number plate with TMS on it. From this might thought process was test match special and I know Greg James does a podcast called tailenders which is also about cricket. Admittedly, there was slightly more in the clue package for me to guess Greg, but not a whole lot of concrete facts.

But I’m convinced. This weekend we saw his second clue package. There was next to nothing in there that mentioned radio which would make sense. In fact there was a reference to getting smashed at Wimbledon and some socks. I’m willing to bet most people at this point would decide it can’t be Greg. Not me. I google his name and Wimbledon, a second search naturally was about socks. And there we have it. Results that make it fit. So I double down on my Greg James thought process.

I will now spend every episode twisting the facts to fit the profile.

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