The old switchero

I’m not saying I only did this for the blog content, but it did cross my mind!

This month, I’ve switched my current account.

I’d also like to think the bribe for free cash for making the switch was part of the thought process.

But anyway, enough about me being cheap and prepared to fill out some papers. I want to talk to you about the old switcheroo.

I want to say it was really simple but that doesn’t give me much blog content, however, it was pretty straightforward.

All I had to do was fill out the application form – online – for my new bank account and click the box that said “I want to switch” this then gave me the option to fill in the details of the current account that I wanted to switch away from.

Both banks get good points for communication. I knew what was happening and the timeline that it was being worked to.

I didn’t expect this but all the details of previous payees were also transferred across. But the old switcheroo was given a proper test yesterday. The old account was due to receive a payment from another current account I have. I’ve checked the new account and the money is in. Success.

I was expecting to get a notification to update my details or something but that didn’t happen, the funds just bounced straight across. All outbound payments from the original account are showing up in my standing orders and direct debits section of the app so I think everything has been covered.

I know it’s no fun to have a blog from me that isn’t a rant, but that’s just where we are today. I mean, I could moan about how poor interest rates are across the board but the free cash to switch almost means that is something I can get over.

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