Is there any room at the inn?

For those not aware, I’m looking to return to a place in London. However, that is easier said than done.

And one thing that really annoys me is a feature on spareroom. The premium option.

In essence, some adverts can’t be messaged unless you pay to upgrade. It’s about 10 pounds for a week of higher level access. It’s cheaper per day if you buy a longer time period, but obviously the hope is that it wont take you forever to find a place.

Right now, the London market is hot. People are looking to return to the city with offices being reopened. That means demand is high, but the room’s available isn’t keeping pace. This means if you’re not able to message every ad you are missing out, so you are almost forced to pay – but then so is everyone else so it doesn’t give you the advantage it once did.

There is the option to post a room wanted ad which you can fire over for free but they don’t get the same attention as a message so it’s a bit of a valueless approach.

And this is the problem – we don’t want a two tier housing system where only some properties are available for everyone. Naturally, budgets does mean this has to happen. But two rooms on spareroom at £800pcm should be available to everyone at that price range. But they’re not. And what’s worse, it seems all the rooms I want to reach out to are behind the paywall.

I fully understand the website needs to make money but it does feel a little annoying that it makes some properties almost unavailable when it could just do adverts – or charge estate agents to upload properties as that might force them to be slightly be at getting people into the rooms. So if someone can please fix this, that would be great!

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