The Summer Villa

2022’s book review kicks off with a bit of a summer escape!

Today I’m reviewing The Summer Villa by Melissa Hill for Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club.

The book focuses on three female characters who all arrive at a villa one summer. One, Kim, has escaped her privilege in New York to stand on her own two feet. Another, Colette, has been told to live her life after caring for her poorly mum. Finally, Annie, has been gifted the trip from a client who wants to see her make more of her life.

Naturally, the idea that three wildly differently outlooks and personalities will gel is just accepted in a book like this. It does flit between past and present. The past being when they first met and the trip they are on, and now which looks at how their lives have moved forward, but all being brought back together by Kim who is opening the villa they stayed in as a wellness retreat.

While the book would largely fit within the “feel good” category. There is plenty of heartache and set backs for all three women. I do feel, however, trying to keep three leads across two different time zones does leave for some more shallow character development. For example, one character has an illness mentioned for the final few chapters which I’m pretty confident hasn’t been mentioned any earlier, but does seem like quite an important detail.

There’s a rather large bust up at the end, which is probably the height of drama and tension in the book, but the rest of it is pretty breezy. It’s an easy read, but probably not gripping enough for me to give it a 5 star review.

Next up, I’ll be reading and reviewing Joe Marler’s Loose Head. Come back in a month to see how I rate it.

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