Basically, Obviously, Literally

This week’s post is about the use of unnecessary words.

Words that we add into a situation that add no real meaning or context, just noise. We live in a world where Twitter restricts our characters to 140. Why are we able to reduce waffle here, but not in everyday speak.

I think “literally” is my number one worst offender. I literally this, I literally that. Guess what I literally don’t care. If someone could provide me with a time where they literally did something I might not be so angsty about its recurring presence. But sentences like “I literally died laughing” – well you didn’t because you are telling me. This is a figure of speech and is not meant to be taken literally, so why use it?!

Basically is another word that seems to creep in when it is really necessary. I will admit this is not as prevalent as literally – but maybe this one can be stamped out before it takes control. Sometimes people explain something in a basic fashion then I whole heartily support the use. “I was basically walking to the shops when…” at what point could this be complicated. Do you have a basic and complex walk?

Obviously, a piece of this nature would not be complete without the use of obviously. There are times when listening to a conversation that I’m under the impression everything is obvious. Sometimes I think if things really were that obvious would it even need to be preceded with obviously? This like literally, and seems to be used when things aren’t obvious.

I must admit I am guilty of one of my own pet peeves. SO. This is a word that creeps in from time to time. “So I was sat watching… ” “So what is for dinner?” I don’t really know why these creep in, I did think it was something I just did when speaking, but it turns out a lot of the time when I’m writing a message to a friend I’ll start it with “so”. I am aware that I do this and this might be why it annoys me so much!

I’m sure there are many more words that get overused and misused but these are the ones that I seem to notice the most.


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