Scooter commuter

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I now have a new job. This is one where I travel to the office every day. I know. I’m a commuter now.

The journey I take to work involves the tube and also a fair chunk of walking. I’ve already touched upon the cyclists I see on my commute in a previous post. However, today is focused on a different type of commuter – and one that seems to be becoming more popular – the scooter commuter.

I regularly pass school children who are using scooters to get to school, and sometimes I see the parents clearly using them to get back home. The trend seems to be growing for adults to choose to use a scooter to get to work and back.

There are some who use electronic scooters, and others are on the more traditional model where leg power is essential. What I don’t understand is why bikes aren’t used here?

Clearly, the scooter is quicker than just walking, but a bike would be even quicker? There also seems to be some confusion amongst the scooter community on whether they belong on the pavement or the road. Some are on the roads, others are weaving through pedestrians on the pavement. I feel like they are better suited to the road due to their speed, but what do I know?

I’m not entirely sure why scooters are growing in popularity, but can we at the very least work out where they belong. Then we can move to the question, of are people really so lazy, they need to use an electric scooter?

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