Beautiful Beetroot

I’m going to apologise in advance; this is going to be a short post. But hey, I’ve just used a semi-colon so it clearly makes up for it with style.

I want this written down so the next time a celebrity chef wants to claim this is their great idea I have proof that I thought of it too and therefore I’m a great cook. (see Jamie Olivier stealing mixing ketchup and brown sauce)

Today’s little nugget of bliss is centred around Beetroot. A pretty purple vegetable.

Add it to your burger. Or wrap. Essentially get yourself a little jar of picked beetroot and every time you have a burger add this to the salad you’ll otherwise have in their.

FORGET AVOCADO this is the new trend. On the topic of food trends, if you haven’t let banana balls grace your life yet, you’re missing out.

I’m sure the great chefs can tell you that adding the acidity of beetroot to the burger concoction beautifully counteracts that meatiness of the burger and the sweetness of the tomato – but I can put those words together too.

Honestly, try it. If you don’t like you’ll have to think of other creative ways to eat up a jar of picked beetroot but I’m sure our celebrity chefs out there will soon be on the beetroot hype and sharing the wisdom.

The image below shows little strands of purple-y goodness working with a chicken burger, but this also works fantastically with beef.


Try it out and let me know what you think about adding beetroot to a burger – or just comment rant ideas!

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