There’s nothing cheeky about…


Please can we all agree that there is nothing that special about Nandos.

At the end of the day, it is just chicken. Yes it is nice, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t like a chicken pitta or wrap but what makes it pop?

I can take a trip to my local supermarket and buy the marinade, chicken, chips, coleslaw and anything else needed to completely recreate Nandos at home. I can, if I want, buy more fizzy drinks than I need to I can give the impression of benefiting from unlimited refills.

Nandos has hit the headlines lately as where The Independent Group had a meeting. I’m not sure a busy restaurant where you’re up and down to get your order, drinks and sauces is the location for the most productive meeting. I’m also not sure eating in an average fast food restaurant is the way to canvas the votes of the young – but I may be wrong.

I’m not trying to suggest we can never go to Nandos, just that I can probably do a better one and treat myself to a nice crusty roll from the bakery to elevate the chicken and chips further.

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