What a helmet

My new job requires a different commute which results in crossing a cycle path. On said commute I like to observe how many wear helmets. It’s not enough.

Helmets can save your life, so they’re pretty handy to have – especially when London roads can be slight scary. Today’s post, however, isn’t about their safety value, but the Santander cycles AKA Boris Bikes.

A higher percentage of Boris Bike riders are without helmets than the general cycling population. What level of responsibility should be placed in the hands of the Mayor to ensure those trying to travel greenly and healthily through the city are able to do so with a helmet?

When unlocking a bike should you also get the option to rent a helmet? Or should helmet-recognition technology be deployed to ensure that those wanting to unlock a bike are able to suitably protect themselves. Safety is a much higher consideration when in a taxi, where passengers are reminded it is essential to wear a seat belt – the Mayor even gives advice on how to get a taxi safely – so why aren’t helmets included?

Wearing a helmet on a bike isn’t a legal requirement, so maybe this is a problem for the Government to look into when parliamentary time allows. 

I’ve used this blog to moan about cyclists before, particularly for their road etiquette but safety should be their number one concern.

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