Have a little nose

Ok so this isn’t actually about noses, but more having a nose around someone’s house.

I would strongly suggest those of you who don’t enjoy looking around other people’s houses are missing out.

Every month, I get the house beautiful magazine which contains a section on people who have redone their home. Naturally, these aren’t a tiny one up one down, but something grand enough to feature in a magazine.

And I love it.

There’s something so enjoyable about taking a snoop through someone else’s thinking. There’s also an element of sadness that they can see which walls to smash through and improve the space, but I guess they’ve spent a couple of years living in the space to have figured out why it works less well for them.

This love to nose also extends past magazines and to the internet. There’s something wonderful about picking a random place, and filtering results from highest to lowest. Naturally, I don’t have a multi-million-pound bank account so there’s no way I will be living there any time soon, but a glimpse into the 1% living arrangements is well worth a nose.

However, when the time then comes to find a place within your own price range shows you that those aspirations are a long way from the reality of inflated rents. So forgive me, while I indulge in some luxury snooping during the actual reality of my moving. I suppose, one perk is that I don’t need to figure out which walls I could knock through as renting doesn’t give you that same freedom, and interior design can be strongly be wiped off the todo list too!

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