The Thursday Murder Club

No don’t worry this blog hasn’t taken a dark turn, we’re back with a book review.

Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club is reviewing The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman.

The premise is simple, a group of people in a retirement village get together every Thursday to discuss old, unsolved murder cases. This group centres on four characters. There’s quite clearly the boss too.

However, one of these characters is Joyce – she’s not the boss, but is the author of the diary that peppers us with updates on the developments of the club throughout.

However, a couple of minutes after a guest leaves the retirement home he ends up dead at home. Now The Thursday Murder Club, has a fresh, warm case. The book then looks follows the police investigation and the twists and turns The Thursday Murder Club use to get ahead.

A few trips here and there and the case has got a few clear suspects and then there’s a few more twists and turns. One thing this book does well is adding in humour and personal details. And let’s be honest, any book that talks about nuns or a priest is bound to have some good turns.

I’d thoroughly recommend giving this one a whirl – so much so, I might just be adding the next instalment to my birthday list.

Next up, Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club will be reviewing Wishes Under The Willow Tree by Phaedra Patrick

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