Have we any news?

For the past year and a bit, the national news has been dominated by Covid-19, a small moment was dedicated to Brexit and now it’s heavily focused on the Olympics, but for today I want to focus on local news.

Yes, that really interesting topic of slightly niche stories that relate to a new road or charity competition.

Well, I was lucky enough to have Captain Tom Moore live in my news’ catchment area so during his mammoth fundraising challenge I had the local angle on the national news. But this is a trend that has continued for many other pieces of coverage.

For example, just a few weeks ago when restrictions were lifted nationally, the local news led with what the changes would mean for us. Spoiler: nothing different to what I heard at 6 o’clock. I would try and say it was a slow news day, but the same is true for now and the Olympics. Max Whitlock, Beth Shriver and more all herald from the east. This means I hear about the sensational gold in the national Olympic wrap up, only to hear from family, friends, gyms, pools, schools and more in the local wrap up.

I’m not saying I need more local news but if we’re going to have a programme that directly follows the national news I’d like to hear something a little different – or even, new. I’m not sure if all local reporters are on furlough but hearing about some nimby claims would be a welcome relief to a rehashing of the national picture.

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