Don’t cage the beast

I’ll admit, I hate shoes.

The first thing I do when I get home is kick them off. The old pandemic has seen me become near feral as I’ve been without shoes for most of the time.

I pop on my comfortable wellies or trainers to take the dog for a walk. If I need to pop to the shops, the closest shoes to slippers I have are the chosen ones.

It’s safe to say reopening society seems like the caging of my feet. I’m also under no illusions. Feet aren’t attractive and pavements aren’t clean so some form of footwear needs to be worn.

And now I have a real problem. On Thursday, we’re having a memorial for dad. This means I’ll be in church – I don’t think slipper-like shoes are considered acceptable. I probably not only need to cage the beasts but tip them off into heels too.

I’m not saying I’ve grown extra toes but there is a worry that the muscle memory in my feet to stay within the confines of shoes has been lost – the calf muscles needed for heels definitely has – which is one of the lesser-known impacts of the pandemic.

However, this event is on Thursday so my feet have been in training so far this week in the hope that my feet can be caged for an hour or two!

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