Bored board

Today’s post isn’t about homophones, despite the title making the most of them.

No, we’re back on another lockdown activity – board games.

Being back on the farm, there are enough of us to play a board game with ease with the slightly wetter, more miserable weather of late being the perfect condition to whack out a board game and lose hours to Rummikub (photo of the starting set up below).


This is a game I enjoy, as there is an element of luck and strategy to the game. It’s also easy to spot when dad is trying to cheat. I won’t get into why we can’t play Cluedo in our house here!

But not everyone lives with other people to play board games easily. They could play solitaire on their own but that isn’t enjoyable.

But, where there is a will there is a way. And what an enabler technology is!

While having a catch-up with friends we can chat away while enjoying a game through the internet. Netgames has facilitated rounds of codes names, werewolf and others allowing us to keep our competitive sides active from the comfort of our own homes.

But there is another benefit of combing the call with the board game. When you’re playing with someone who doesn’t make the link between “Lindt” as a clue and “bell” as one of the answers on the codenames board the rest of the group can join you in bemoaning their mistake, which the website alone doesn’t make easy.

Most games are simple enough everyone can pick them up quickly meaning we can rattle through the rounds and while away the hours and still o bide by social distancing.

Let me know if the comments below what games you’ve been getting up to during lockdown.

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