The Long Call

We’re back with Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club today.

The Long Call by Ann Cleeves had high expectations. The author of TV dramas Vera and Shetland, I was hoping for a good read. And while it was a good read, it wasn’t as high octane as Dead If You Don’t from last month.

This was her first book where she introduces us to a new detective, Matthew. A shy character who brings with him a lot of emotional baggage, he makes for an interesting lead character with clearly defined relationships with his core team.

The book does have hints of Vera about it as the author spends a great deal of time giving descriptions of the landscape – like Vera we can imagine some pretty dramatic scenes.

The drama doesn’t only come from the landscape, featuring a murder and two kidnappings the book has set itself up for a good deal of mystery.

The book does keep you guessing on who might be involved, even towards the end as it becomes clear who is part of the plot the actual murderer remains a mystery until the last few pages.

It feels as though this is set up to run and run as a series where we become more invested in the core characters and has potential to follow in the footsteps of Vera and Shetland and be billed as a TV crime drama.

A well-formed read, but not the most dazzling. If we were allowed on a summer holiday, it would make a good poolside read but lacks the grip needed to pull you away from the temptation of taking a quick dip too.

Next up, is Lee Child’s Without Fail.

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