Shoulder Smoulder

Recent stats suggest May was the sunniest on record. I’ll spare you all the details on what this means for the farm this week (but might bring that out in future weeks!).

No, this week I’ve opted for a topic where I have little content so will probably spend as long telling you what it isn’t before getting to the point! Shoulder Smoulder as a title doesn’t really offer much as a detail either – but it rhymes so we’ll take it.

Today’s we’re looking at duvet arrangements during warm weather – or potentially any weather on screen.

I like to get snuggled under the duvet so even in the heights of summer I like to keep my shoulders covered by a blanket or duvet or similar. I’m not sure if I’m unique in this, but the way this is portrayed in shows is never quite like that.

The men tend to have the sheet draped across them so the torso is left uncovered and the women still have their shoulders out but remain more modestly covered. I’m also not sure how many people sleep flat on their back and that’s another firm favourite for TV shows.

I’m not saying TV shows need to be accurate to our lives – there’s clearly a glamour-isation of lives to make them TV show worthy, but it does strike me as a bit odd that this seems very different to the average population.

Since your viewing habits have probably increased during lockdown, what other quirks have you noticed?

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