Oar we nearly there yet?

It’s been a while since I’ve provided an update on the rowing challenge I’m undertaking – so here it is.

Last Thursday, the Ahoy centre provided us with our row training. The poor instructor had to put up with a wealth of questions from me ranging from how long have you been rowing to why do you like the centre?

We started out on land working out the best rowing formation for our crew of 6. We then sped out to our boat that was tied to a buoy. The choppiness of the Thames wasn’t the best for my stomach.

We then set out practising timing with a simple up-down motion. Oars aren’t the easiest of things to manoeuver and the water doesn’t seem to make them easier! We’re then untied and set off on our rowing training. Clipper and party boats cruise past us creating waves that are blindingly obvious when sat so low in the water.

We set off from Greenwich, made our way to Canary wharf turned around and headed back to Greenwich. I’m no expert, but I’m sure rivers flow from source to mouth so at least half of our time on the river was spent with it working against us. To help keep in time “row” “row” “row” was used – this soon became expanded to row row row your boat. I’m sure those onshore loved hearing us making our way up and down the river!

I think I’m lucky as I didn’t suffer any blisters on my hands. But do not think that rowing isn’t uncomfortable. The wooden plank we sat on isn’t comfortable. Factor in a boney bum and you’ve got a recipe for even beds feeling uncomfortable.

That being said, we’re in good shape for the event which takes place on the 17th July. The Ahoy centre change lives through water sports. Our trainer for this session has completed their apprenticeship programme. He travels for over 2 hours of a morning to reach the centre to do what he loves. He was a fantastic teacher and has hopefully got us in shape to beat the other teams taking part. The centre can’t keep offering apprenticeships out and continuing their vital work without donations. We’re nearly there to reaching our fundraising target – but we’re not there yet. Any donation you can spare will go straight to the Ahoy centre and will really make a difference to the lives of disadvantaged and disabled young people.  Head over to our donation page and drop of what you can.

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