You’ve caught the sun

Summer is here and so is this famous phrase. “You’ve caught the sun”

My poor little fair skin really struggles with the heat, red up in seconds and slowly peel to return to white. Not exactly the most attractive of features.

To prevent this red and white marvel, I slap on the sun cream. Most days this is applied before leaving the house to prevent any nasty surprises. However, any missed bits are painfully obvious as little fiery red patches of skin start to show.

I’ve tried a few different sun creams, but I’ve learnt one of the best ways is to actually hide from the sun. I hate sun cream. It’s the texture and the application process. I feel sticky all day, go to the beach and the sand sticks to you, walk around London and the pollution sticks to you. This isn’t the type of sensation I want all day. I never know if I should wash my hands or risk having burnt palms.

Then there is the smell. Most smell like coconut – that classic sun cream smell, but that doesn’t really appeal to me. The one I’m currently using is far worse – I don’t know where to begin with describing it, but I can confirm when putting sun cream on my face that my eyes are watering – it is that bad.

Finally, it is the cost. My god is that bottle expensive. Living in Britain sun cream usually has a use for about a week during the whole year – probably the week you go on holiday. For a product where if you are lucky you’ll use a 5th of the bottle, you don’t half waste some money. Most also suggest a use by date of 12 months after opening – conveniently for them, no second summer season use!

It is for this reason, us Brits have two choices. Burn in the sun or hide in the shade – for those lucky few who go brown, I salute you for navigating this summer weather well.

Today, however, I have no escape from the sun. For today is that rowing challenge. This evening I’ll be leaving Chelsea in a boat to arrive at Greenwich sometime later. This challenge takes place in the summer sun on the river Thames – sun cream is at the ready. If you are able to spare any change, please donate to the Ahoy centre who are changing lives through rowing and sailing.

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