If you can dodge a ball

I won’t complete the quote as that is pretty much all everyone says when I tell them I’ve started playing dodgeball.

Every Thursday I play dodgeball – only started this two weeks ago so I’m not going to pretend to be an expert but there is one thing I’ve learned “catches win matches”. Naturally, as a competitive person, I’ve taken time to practice my catching. Absolutely smashed it last week – but if anything got a little bit too confident and tried to catch balls that I should have been leaving.

The problem I have is with the throws, some of the men that play dodgeball have the biggest shoulders I have ever seen, my feeble little throws don’t cause them the stress they should! So once I’ve caught the ball, I’m left in this panic of what to do with it. I need to throw it, obviously, but how? Throw it really hard and still look feeble, or just lightly throw it back and look like I don’t care? The problem with these is the risk you’re caught, so do you then throw it into an empty space and look like you have no idea how to aim? All of these only offers up a one-trick pony style solution. I think the solution will have to be to beef up my shoulders to hurl like an athlete.

Playing dodgeball has boosted by stamina which will be incredibly useful as I row the Thames in a few weeks. This Thursday I’ll be missing dodgeball to learn to row with the challenge taking place on 17th July. Now seems like the ideal time to remind all my followers that I’m doing this in aid of charity. The Ahoy centre helps disadvantaged and disabled children by gaining life skills through water sport. Any donation you can spare will be appreciated by me, the team but most importantly the charity who will be able to continue this life-changing work. Donate here.

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