Written in the stars

I’m not going to pretend to be someone who regularly checks their horoscope but lately, a blog from NASA resurfaced and put the whole traditional set up of horoscopes into a tailspin.

This post suggested that there were actually 13 signs, not the 12 that are commonly referred to. I should point out, they went on to clarify the signs weren’t actually changing.

Altogether, a slight change wouldn’t seem to be that confusing, but it would have shifted my star sign from Sagittarius to Scorpio. I don’t know enough about either sign to know if this reflected more closely to my personality or not. But given the history around star signs is from way back when and it was more to do with seeing images in the night sky, I’m not entirely sure this has a huge impact on my personality.

So, I decided to do a little bit of research into my horoscope for this week. The opening detail suggests that I’m in for a windy, twisty road this week but that’s ok as I like an adventure. It goes on to say I need to watch out for people that could be roadblocks.

And this is where my problem with horoscopes begins – they are two sentences that don’t really mean much but I can project enough onto them to make them mean something. Maybe the windy week means that something I’m working towards will change a few times in the process, but let’s be honest, when has a project ever run smoothly? And people can always be seen as a roadblock, but is that my own doing really? Do I want to procrastinate and blame others or are there people who are blocking my way deliberately? Maybe they know more about the path ahead and aren’t real blocks but more pushing me onto a new direction.

But what I have done, is taken two sentences and created some perfectly plausible actions for the upcoming week which can then mean by horoscope was correct. I’m sure some people find value in reading their horoscope to help prepare them for their week or explain their troubles away, but how accurate can they really be?

Whether I need to look at my new sign or old – or some new one yet to be created – I’m not convinced the movement of mercury can really have a significant impact on my week.

I’d love to know if you read your horoscope and why in the comments below.

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