Without Fail

We’re back with another review for Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club!

This time, I’ve read Without Fail by Lee Child.

This book is billed as a Jack Reacher Thriller, but I’d suggest it is possibly more of a suspense book. We early on start with the description of a failed assassination attempt, where we go on to learn this if for the Vice President Elect.

The book is centred on the work of the FBI and Jack Reacher is initially brought in to carry out an audit and is then enlisted to help work out who is carrying out the threat on the VP and to disarm them.

For me, the biggest negative of this book is the length of the chapter. I’m not the world’s quickest reader and like to read a book chapter before bed, but each chapter was taking around 30 minutes and after a long day I don’t always have the energy to read for that long.

But, if that’s the biggest negative you can take from this it’s not a bad read. There lacks the speed of change to make this a book where you feel compelled to read multiple chapters at a time but the ever-present threat of danger keeps you intrigued. A profile of the suspects is slowly built up, but it’s not like a murder mystery where the criminals are made known to you as you read the book.

Still don’t think this tops Dead If You Don’t, but well worth picking up one of the Jack Reacher series for a hint of suspense.

Next up, I’ll be reading and reviewing The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

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