That’s not how to use the pole

Short post today, because I wasn’t suitably productive on my weekend so cramming in a few words in time for your long-awaited lunchtime read.

We’re back onto one of my favourite topics – transport. To be precise, we’re on the tube.

I’m not sure if I mentioned, but earlier this year I started a job which requires me to travel to the office. This, in essence, sees my catching the tube when every other man and woman are in the rush to get to the office or school, so it is busy.

It’s the same sort of gig on my way home, but this week a man took to the tube and failed.

I’m not sure if I’m being dramatic when I say failed but if this was anywhere further north of the M25, I’m sure his behaviour would have led to someone speaking to him about it, but this is London so it’s only natural to take to the internet to moan about it instead.

So, I’m sure we’ve all seen the images of the tube where there are the poles that people all congregate around.

Image for those non-Londoners

These poles are designed for hands and holding on. So you can imagine my disgust when a man was full-on leaning on the pole.

It was essentially head to toe man. THIS IS NOT OKAY. In my struggle to hold on, I’m going to risk making contact with a stranger – or I’ll have to hold on so high that I might as well grab one of the ceiling rails. I decided to hold on towards the top of the pole, roughly shoulder height on the aforementioned man. This was fine until he twisted around the pole slightly and contact was made.

I appreciate the tube gets busy and you can’t always guarantee a journey where contact isn’t made but had he just held on like every other commuter in the history of time has done I wouldn’t have been put in such a predicament.

In future, fellow tube travellers, please follow rule one and do everything possible to reduce the chances of contact by holding on with your hand rather than selfishly holding your whole body up with it.

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