Suspicious package

Ok, so maybe the package wasn’t that suspicious but how it made it to me seems to be. I’m going to keep the retailer anonymous at this stage but those Eagle-eyed amongst you might be able to work it out!

So, like any good story, I’m going to do this in chronological order.

To begin, we need to cast our minds back to the 13th November and I was scrolling through social media and saw an advert where I could get £50 quids worth of beauty products for just 15 pounds. A bargain like that was bound to get me excited. I’d taken advantage of a similar offer last year (I know this isn’t chronological now, but no good story is) so I thought I would take advantage of this again. I then pottered off to the company’s website and ordered the deal as well as a new mascara as that was needed.

The order was processed and a confirmation email received. So far, so normal. I then came home one day to a package. In my excitement, I rip open the package to find my new mascara and some few face gems (might be able to find a use for them for Halloween – so a useful freebie!) but not the makeup bag full of goodies.


So then, as a diligent member of the shopping community, I take a photo of the contents and share this with the retailer informing them that not everything had arrived. I’m then helpfully told that the goodie bag was posted in a separate envelope and that they were posted at the same time so it should be with me in a few days. More days pass, and there is no post for me. It’s then the weekend so I drop a quick update to say it still isn’t here, to which I’m told post isn’t delivered on weekend – WRONG. It’s just no post on Sundays – but I’m told if it isn’t in the post tomorrow to let them know.

I’m going to deviate from that chronological order again! There have been previous past incidents of post not reaching me. Had a railcard go on its own journey too so faith in the Royal Mail at this point isn’t sky-high.

But anyway, no parcel arrives. So, back I go to customer services where the helpful representative tells me they will post a replacement for me. I’m feeling pretty pleased and then go on holiday for the whole week so have high hopes that I’ll return to this parcel – but the only post that came for me was a postal vote. Useful, if anything, essential, but not quite the package I need to make me look glam for Christmas party season.

Naturally, I’m disappointed. I decide at this point to try going to the other side and ring the Royal Mail – top tip, don’t ring them. I essentially lost five minutes pressing buttons on my keypad going round in circles before realising at this point I’m more lost than the missing package so give up. 

But, I don’t give up that easily, I wait till Saturday to take the trip to the Royal Mail collection office. We’re now firmly in Christmas season and the queues are out of the door. I’m less than impressed as progress is slow to the front of the queue. I explain to the man that I don’t have a missed delivery card (side note, in a previous delivery fail, the not delivered note was taken back to the van so three days later a different postie knocked on my door to explain) so I thought, maybe, just maybe, that had happened again. The helpful man at the Royal Mail took my postcode and street name and said we have nothing for that address here. So, I asked him what could be done at this point – he advised I go back to the company to check Royal Mail was the courier. Odd for them to post it with two different couriers, so I went back, just to double check. I also explained to the postie that this was the second parcel from this company that hadn’t made it. But, as I was in the Christmas spirit, I decided to let him off and allow the queue of increasing length to continue to collect their parcels.

At this point, the friendliness with customer service is slightly less from my side.


This still hasn’t arrived. I’ve checked with Royal Mail and they don’t have the parcel so did you use a different courier?



You know it is bad when it isn’t even kind regards.

Anyway, the response comes apologetic that it hasn’t arrived and confirmed it was Royal Mail. I had a busy start to the week so left the Royal Mail alone and then received a Christmas note from the Royal Mail telling me I had missed a delivery.


Off I go back to the collection office four days after my last trip and of the evening it was much quieter and I quickly returned home with my goodie bag. I say quickly, but the number 1 bus might be route one but I’m sure it isn’t in the number one spot for punctuality.

Now, I’m not accusing them of never posting the replacement but it was franked 10 December. Not exactly the mid-November date we had agreed to get a replacement through to me!

I’m also not saying, a postie isn’t looking all glam now for taking the first parcel, but I think we can all agree there was something suspicious going on here. The moral of the story, don’t pick a girl who enjoys writing strongly-worded emails to try and pull a fast one on!

The same retailer, is running a similar goodie bag offer at the moment so if you want to spruce up that make up bag (or risk a last minute Christmas present that may or may not arrive on time) you might want to keep an eye out.

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