Valentines, Schmalentines

Tomorrow we approach another “holiday” I just can’t get behind. Valentines Day.

I probably won’t have pancakes today, not because I’m anti-Shrove Tuesday, just that a batter makes more than enough for one and I don’t need too many pancakes – might indulge at the weekend though as pancakes are for the whole year, not just pancake day!

That, however, is beside the point of today’s post. I also apologise if this comes too late for anyone to cancel the flowers due to be sent to me – I’ll be polite and accept them!

I do not like Valentine’s day – not because couples are unnecessarily loved up in public – although I’m not a fan of PDAs – but because of the perceived need to treat a loved one. Valentine’s day comes once a year, but every day is the opportunity to show that special someone how much they mean to you. This could be bringing a cup of tea up to bed, or running them a bath after a stressful day. Notice how these suggestions cost nothing too? You do not need to go to some overpriced restaurant to get some underwhelming food because society dictates you spoil a loved one.

Maybe all holidays have become over commercialised, but the shops seem covered in hearts, chocolates and bubbly. If the point of Valentines is to show your appreciation of someone, is the best way to do this through some gift purchased while doing your weekly shop?

The origins of valentines day are designed to highlight romance, but as there are so many singletons out there companies have started to branch out into Galentines – to attract yet more money. Does anything scream romance is dead like buying a mass-produced valentines day card to add their name and yours and maybe a line or two and giving this to someone you consider special? How about you write a genuine love letter, that comes from the heart and not the local card shop or worse still one purchased online and you don’t even hand write the words?

I’m not sure if Valentine’s day ever had that strong of a meaning, but it seems it has become another day of the year for people to fritter money they don’t have away on things they don’t need to impress people they don’t really like. Cancel that dinner reservation and cook a meal together and enjoy each other’s company without the need to impress others on your choice of date.

4 thoughts on “Valentines, Schmalentines

  1. Bekoorsh

    I find that being reminded by a holiday to do something special is beneficial, but I don’t spend more than $20 on any one person. I don’t worry about cards for people I don’t think are special.


  2. I used to like all this before but since I have minimized facebook usage by 99%, only checking it on occasion, i don’t feel like it is quite that important. Like you said, it is over commercialized. And to be honest, sometimes it feels like people do all these things only to post it in social media.


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