Brace yourselves

Valentine’s Day is coming.

This isn’t going to be a re-hash of last year’s post (as tempting as that is). Today, I’m tackling something worse – the lovefest online.

Relationships can be a time of great joy for couples so they want to share that with others. This doesn’t mean I need to see a picture of every lick of your ice cream cone together. There is a time and a place for these posts. Valentine’s Day may be that time.

Most couples will treat their significant other on Valentine’s Day so they will have a treat they want to share – but this doesn’t automatically qualify it for online sharing. It could just be you’re trying to brag about how much money your partner is prepared to spend on you – this somewhat undermines the value of the gift in the first place.

Then again, Valentine’s Day might not be that time as everyone else will be treating their partner so your post might get lost in the mush. It also shows that you lack any real imagination to take your partner out for dinner on the one day a year society essentially forces to. But if everyone is doing it – why can’t you?

This isn’t to say couple photos should be banned from social media – just like all things, they should be done in moderation. I also think it is worth considering what might happen if you have a messy breakup. You’ve tied yourself into a long time deleting past photos or you’ll need to flood your feed with photos of you happy and single. Relationships probably shouldn’t be spent planning for a breakup – but let’s keep things real, not everything lasts forever.

I think the final problem with couple photos is expectations – both on you and others. When a relationship is new and you’re trying to be all impressive you might go bigger on dates and treats – these will be well documented online – when they stop people will get suspicious. It also puts more pressure on those already well past the honeymoon phase who get asked, “why can’t you be more like XXX?”. No one wants to be that guy.

So please, do us all a favour and keep your relationship relatively offline.

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