Choose a trailer.

We’ve all been there catching up on one of our favourite TV shows, when the adverts rudely come along to interrupt your viewing pleasure.

To make things worse, we now have to have interactive adverts. Where they want you to choose which painfully boring advert you have to sit through. This would almost be bearable if you hadn’t chosen which painfully boring advert to watch in the previous ad break too. Or maybe you have found the perfect spot and now you are required to get up and select an advert which you know you wont enjoy. Frankly I’d choose not to watch the adverts. If, however, you aren’t quick enough to choose the less dreadful one they pick for you anyway. What kind of a system gives you choice to take it away from you just as you are ready to submit?

Or in comes a chance to search for your holiday as you painfully listen to the advert drone on. Or book a test drive for a car that is being shot in the rolling mountains of a distant climb, when you know all you’ll be doing in it is waiting in traffic.

I’ve not spent a significant amount of my time researching this, but I think there is a smaller variety of adverts on catch-up than live TV. This can lead to every ad break being a slightly altered order of the previous ad break. If you have a weekend catch up session by the third show you can probably recite every advert in the pack.

We are hit by thousands of adverts everyday I choose to ignore most of them, so please don’t make me choose which one I want to watch, just to ignore it again.

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