What’s wrong with water #2

As the title suggests this is follow-up to a previous post centered on the idea of water, but this time with a sprinkling of glitter.

Or you could say sparkle. You guessed it today’s post is about sparkling water.

I’d like to know whoever drank a glass of water and thought, “you know what this is missing, some fizz”. Fizzy drinks do not quench your thirst anywhere near as well as water, so why erode one of its key features?

Then there is the point of fizzy drinks. For me, at least, a fizzy drink is partly loved for that sugar hit it gives you, sparkling water doesn’t have this benefit. If I want fizzy I want all the calories and sweetness that comes with it, don’t take my healthy water option and ruin it with some fizz.

To put this scandal into some context, I was recently at an event, this whole grad job thing lets me say things like that. Well, there were those jug style water bottles just waiting to be opened. There were 4 bottles on the table, but no real labels to go by. I pick the one closest to me, pop off the lid and pour my drink. I even offer it to a colleague. I then take that fateful first sip. And the carbonated dilemma hits me. I’m thirsty but can’t locate a plant to water, but I’m not even sure they’d appreciate it. My colleague, who I’d met for the first time, is too polite to say this is awful, but his face is pure “who is this girl and why does she think sparkling water is okay to share”. Well, I’m left at this event, surrounded by other people, squirming to keep hydrated.

This situation gets too depressing, so during a scheduled break I push my glass into the middle of the table and grab myself the perfectly refreshing glass of H2O that everyone wants. And pray no one questions where it came from.

The significant question here, was why didn’t the label have some kind of warning “unwanted carbonation here” “caution fizz added” or “just take the water”

3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with water #2

  1. Not in Our News

    Sparkling water seems to be a very American phenomena. We don’t have it here. I only see it in American movies and TV shows.


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