Deconstructed food

I like my foods as expected, lasagna with its layers, sandwich with bread and a filling, which is where my problem with deconstructed food comes from. I've noticed this is more of an issue with puddings, deconstructed cheesecakes, crumbles and black forest gateau. Why would I want a crumb next to a fruit compote, crumble …

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Scan as you shop

Last year I  moaned about supermarket shopping. Read it here; that was a time when titles seemed more exciting too. Today, I bring good news. This is a rare post, so enjoy it while you can! I've discovered the wonder of scan as you shop. I think it is safe to say this is my …

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Menu Malfunction

As we established in a post last year, I'm a fussy eater. Check it out here if you missed it! It is due to being a fussy eater I take great interest in being able to read a menu before arriving at a restaurant. In essence, I want to know if I'm going to have …

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New Year, Same old me

I hate New Year. OK, so the new year has started and I'm starting off with another moaning post. The solar system was great enough to tell us that we have day and night, and also a year. What it didn't tell us is when the new year starts. Day and night are good enough …

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Meat-Free Christmas

Lol no. It might have been a Monday, but meat was eaten. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without turkey, sausage meat stuffing, pigs in blankets - or in my case naked pigs as I don't like bacon. It's not been the best kept secret that Christmas falls on a Monday this year, so I've had a …

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Two Tree Family

I've started to notice a growing Christmas trend, the two tree family. People have more than one Christmas tree in their house. Why? Do you expect Father Christmas to leave presents under both trees? Do you have the one in the window really well decorated to impress the neighbours but a grim one in your …

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Did you hear that?

For those unsure of what to get loved ones this Christmas, have you considered decent headphones? I only ask as I seem to be surrounded by poor quality headphones on the tube. I'm usually crammed into the tube during rush hour, close enough to the person next to me to tell what they ate for …

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