Above the fold

Like last week’s post – this is less of a rant and more of a natter about what I’ve been up to lately!

But rather than taking on a DIY challenge, this is something much more relaxing.

I recently went to an origami class – where I was taught by an authentic Japanese teacher.

And I know what you’re thinking, of all the things to do in London, is really the best you can do? Well, I was keen to put an activity in the schedule where drinking wasn’t the main focus and one where I could achieve something.

Painting is certainly not a skill of mine, so I thought I’d at least be able to manage the art of folding a few pieces of paper.

The first task was deciding what colour paper you wanted to use to make your designs.

The teacher picks a few designs to teach per class so I could go back again and learn something new. For today, we were doing a kimono and a hydrangea. True to nature, I wanted some purple tones for the hydrangea and some over the top patterns for the kimono.

We started with the kimono which actually included the use of scissors and glue, so I’m not convinced it’s fully authentic but apparently designed to make life a little easier for us!

Once the kimono, featuring an Obi belt, was complete. We had done our first set of origami. I’d also inadvertently made life hard for myself by picking the textured paper for the obi.

Then we were shown how to make a hydrangea flower. And with the added pressure that we’d need to remember how to do it so that we could make multiple ones.

And we start off by cutting the origami square into 4 small squares as they’d otherwise be too big. The hydrangea is built up from a square origami base and contains a lot of fiddling bits to soften the edges.

And I’m not saying I’m competitive, but I wanted to make the most flowers so I got praise from the teacher, however, I soon realised the beginner title I had, wasn’t true for everyone in the room so I’d need to get creative to be declared a winner.

So I’m speed folding, and my mind is thinking about what can be done to make this impressive. When a stroke of genius hits me. If I’m cutting my squares into 4, why not make them into 16 pieces and do some smaller flowers and build up the texture.

And while I’m thinking about this, we’re then shown how to make the leaf – it’s pretty straightforward but I decide I don’t like the first leaf I do. The concertina isn’t tight enough and the depth isn’t there. And if I’m to have the teacher, tell me I’m great I decide a redo is needed.

Then we’re told we only have a few minutes left so we should start glueing our final items to the paper.

And the non-beginner in the room has done all tiny flowers and their compactness looks great.

Then the teacher sees mine and is in love with the idea to build up the size and even says, “I might steal that idea for next time.” I’m not saying this now makes me a pro, but it’s the kind of praise I’m looking for.

The finished efforts!

If you want to try your hand at Origami, this is the class I attended.

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