DIY done it

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and that’s good because I don’t have many written words in me today!

Avid, regular readers will know I’ve recently moved into a place back in London.

One area of disappointment was the state of the kitchen table – and that’s the source of today’s content.

Those with an eagle eye will see it’s not quite as perfect as you’d like it to be.

And so with that, we set to work. One sunny afternoon, Hannah, Bryan and I hit the sanders.

It certainly wasn’t the easy task we thought it would be. Apparently, it wasn’t going to be a 10 minute job, even with an electric sander.

But after some sweating, we’d got ourselves into a pretty good base position.

The next challenge was to figure out what should go on top.

We knew we wanted to paint it, so went to a local hardware store to get the primer, paint and sealer we thought we needed.

Thankfully, Craig was in the store who pointed us towards furniture paint that’s apparently a 3 in 1 job. We just needed to pick our colour.

There were just about enough to choose from in store. We’d settled on daisy chain, when helpful Craig told us that always came out greener in the pot than it looked in the sample. Not the most helpful sample card, but we made it work.

After a trip home via a tube station to pick up newspaper to protect the patio, we were ready to paint.

And so a couple of coats later, the paint pot was empty.

However, we didn’t love the finish. It was a little too matt to be an ideal table top. Never fear, gloss is near.

But that’s not always the solution.

We’re not quite sure what went wrong with the gloss, but this definitely wasn’t the finish we were going for.

And this is probably why people think more of DIY don’t than DIY done it.

But today’s post is about DIY done it. So Hannah and Bryan regrouped, sanded, painted and reglossed with a spray can version and boom.

We had done it.

We now have a shiny, clean-looking table with table mats in tow to help us keep it looking clean moving forward.

A real win!

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