A cheeky bit on the side

Today’s post isn’t about affairs, but something far more exciting – a meal deal.

I know, you can tell we’re back living our normal lives when meal deals move up the conversation agenda.

But today I’m not celebrating the current meal deal, I’m proposing a change.

The current option is a sandwich, a side and a drink for £3.50 (and yes, this is up from the £3 thanks to inflation). I’d argue the average person chooses a packet of crisps for their side, but options also include fruit or little cocktail sausages.

However, I’m proposing we swap out the drink for a second side.

Working back in the office I have access to plenty of hydration and one that doesn’t involve single-use plastic. And it’s also worth noting, that a bottle of pop is actually considered two portions so you’re getting an unhealthy sugar hit.

But anyway, I’m a big fan of pudding so what I’d really love is to leave the Fanta/oasis/coke or similar behind and have a square of flapjack or chocolate brownie to chase down the sandwich and crisps I’ll likely have had.

I’m sure as inflation sees workers look to bring their lunch to the office more often, then creating a more tempting meal deal should be top of the supermarket’s agenda to keep some of us coming back for two snacks. Then we can either have pudding or a sugar hit to be that 3 pm lull.

And you can guarantee if this change is ever introduced, I’ll be claiming I’m an influencer now.

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