The Assistant

It’s the time of the month you’ve all been waiting for – the return of Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club!

This month, I’ve read The Assistant by S. K. Tremayne. And I’ll start by saying this one feels a little close to home. The book is set in North London and references some pubs I’ve drunk in.

However, it’s closeness to real life doesn’t quiet stop there. There’s almost an extra character in the book, in the form of technology. Called Electra, this tech has similarities to Alexa that we all know and love in everyday life. I’m not sure any of us are quite loving Electra quite as much.

Reading this book, I got strong thriller film vibes so if this lands on the big screen any time soon I will be saying it’s because of this review!

The premise of the book is a young, divorced woman is living in a friend’s house as she’s hit financial hard times when she then starts to believe the technology is speaking to her.

This spirals over time and draws on the comparisons to her father’s illness and subsequent suicide. However, she is convinced she isn’t making this up and so the tech really is trying to freak her out.

The questions is, who is behind the tech? Sadly for her, she mingles in tech expert circles and in her journalistic past, she’s annoyed most of them.

This leaves a long list of potential enemies capable of tormenting her – but only a few who she really worries about.

It’s a tense, gripping read that’s well worth the time and may just have you wondering if you want to keep asking Alexa what the weather is like.

Next up, I’ll be reading The Travelers by Chris Pavone.

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