On the wrong side of the line?

So London recently welcomed a new tube option – The Elizabeth Line for those out of the loop.

And it’s the name that’s the focus of today.

Well, more specifically the use of “Line”.

Pick another line at random, Northern Line, Jubilee Line or even Hammersmith and City Line and they all have “line in common” but when on the map, or even in the little circle they’re just “Northern”.

That is until May. The Elizabeth Line includes “Line” on the map and in the little circle.

But all the other’s don’t.

And my question is, is this a lack of consistency checking in TfL HQ or a genuine concern that if you say “take Elizabeth to Farringdon” there’s a concern they’ll think you’ve got to call a friend called Elizabeth or the Queen to get you there?

Either way, it’s an inconsistency I am not here for. Especially when it was originally dubbed Crossrail would we have then called it the crossrail line on the sign? I’m pretty sure that answer is no. Yet, here we are having signs that include line for the first time – will there be another?

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