The vanishing season

For today’s post, we back at Catherine’s Corner Book Club.

I’ve just finished reading the vanishing season by Joanna Schaffhausen.

The story starts with a kidnapping of a girl. This thread of the book slowly unravels as we spend most of the time 20 years into the future.

We’re then set in a small, sleepy town where very little activity happens. However, one member of the police department has decided there is a serial killer on the loose. This killer, only seems to strike once a year making other members of the police department question the logic of this decision.

Well, the book focuses on investigating past crimes to see if a pattern is really there.

It’s a really strong read but I do feel the ending lets it down a little.

The character list is pretty small and it helps to ensure they all get the air time they need. It does also mean the question focusing on if it’s a serial killer or not doesn’t have you wondering if everyone is capable of murder.

It’s one I’d say can be added to any reading list but just don’t pin your hopes on the best ending ever.

Next up, I’ll be reading the assistant S K Tremayne. Check back in a couple of weeks to see what I made of it.

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