Am I going bananas?

So today’s post centres on one recent experience using the ultimate lazy app.

There’s now apps where you can order groceries to your door and they arrive about 20 or 30 minutes later. It really taps into our desire to shop from our bed and have everything now.

However, my experience with one particular brand was far from this smooth process. Firstly, they were running a promotion to spend £25 and get £20 off. And this was needed as the average price per product was a big step up from what I’d expect to spend when walking to the shop.

I started my day with an order that PayPal accepted and the funds went through. However, something went wrong with the app and the order didn’t get processed. I then send a message to support and wait. And wait. By dinner time, I’m told a refund will be processed.

Which is great.

But the bargain lover in me goes back for a second attempt at an order. I’m not blaming PayPal but decide to try a different payment option.

Order complete, 13 minutes to wait until delivery.

I then decide to sit right by the door because that’s what you do when food is on order. The driver is spotted and I make my way to the door.

I retreat to the kitchen and open my bag. Sadness washes over me when sanitary towels and washing tablets are in the bag. This isn’t my order.

I run to do the door to find the driver still in the area. I call out this isn’t my order. He comes over confused but has to tell me that he can’t fix it here and needs to go to the depot. Then I get a call from head office telling me they’ve made a mistake and it will be fixed shortly.

I’m now in some weird limbo that I don’t know how long it’ll be so I don’t want to cook dinner but am also hungry but decide it can’t take that long.

A little while later, the same driver is back. This time I check the contents on the doorstep. I have about 11 items. 1 is wrong. I’d ordered a curry paste and have a jar of sauce. This I can live with, but reduces the hope I want to return.

There’s obviously a market to cater for those hungover people who need something for breakfast and want to order it from bed, but I can’t see it being a market I’ll be tapping into.

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