Going round the aisles

Note the lack of down as I’m not getting married.

Today’s post is a collective moan about my current supermarket situation. I’ve done a few posts about scanning as you shop, service stations and self-service checkout.

But today is a little more niche.

I have a couple of options near me – in fact I can get three shops to give me clubcard points within close walking distance. However, none are quite the one.

In fact, I have a real issue with my locals.

One, nearer to the station I use to get to and from work on the days I’m not walking, is probably the worst. Every time I’ve been it has felt like they are restocking with clutter in every aisle. I don’t appreciate this. But what’s worse is the last time I went there were two items on my list that weren’t in stock. The checkout situation is also very crowded. I’d argue this shop is just too small to be even a express store so I think it needs closing.

So then, naturally I’ll walk in the other direction to my next nearest supermarket. This is a little bigger. And is clearly set up to get passing station trade and so there’s a big section at the start dedicated to pre-packaged sandwiches. The rest of the store is compact. And that doesn’t bother me – makes the yellow stickers a little harder to find. But as a store in a layout I’m not used to, I did do 3 laps this week looking just for eggs. I can get over this as the longer I return, the better I’d do. But when I say compact, I’m also saying choice isn’t full. There was only one flavour of big yogurt for me to pick. So, I took the strawberry that the store had. I’d like to have some variety in my life.

Panic not, I do have the option for a big shop. To get my clubcard points, I can take a closer to 18 minute and go to big Tesco. But this isn’t a real big Tesco. So what is it? The internet tells me it is a Superstore – rather than an extra – and that’s because the extras aren’t there. A good number of fresh fruit and veg, which is always great. But it’s still lacking some of the perks – clothing, nope. Bedding, nope. Stationary is in a tiny section, not even many cards. And so I’m left wondering what’s left.

Food shops are also online, but I like to wonder round and see what tickles my fancy – and to get the yellow stickers. But I may have to forgo some clubcard points to get a big shop experience where real treats can land in the basket. I would love to be the person that frequents the butcher, baker and greengrocer but I quite often find myself doing a quick top up during my lunchbreak so that’s not the solution either.

I know you’ve come to expect solutions from me based on my last few posts and so maybe a rant is a welcome return. But there’s currently no joy in the aisles for me.

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