Windows or holes in the wall

So, usually, a post is a rant but today is actually a solution.

Single glazed windows are draughty. In fact, I’d go as far as to say they should be banned – but that’s a stance for another day.

My new, rental, property has single glazed windows. They’re in a wooden frame so have the potential for warping and poor sealing but what I had initially identified was a draught over my face as I slept.

I did a little rattling tasting and decided the sealing wasn’t my concern. But that the single glazing is just not thick enough for proper insulation.

This leads me to wonder, how can I create an extra layer of protection for keeping the heat in, or more importantly, the cold, night air out.

And as if by magic, there’s a solution on the market.

I had no idea how big of a kit I’d need so spent just over a fiver on two packs. It’s a simple process, whack a bit of double-sided tape around the window. Cut out the size of film you need, stick it onto the tape – and then the real fun part. Get out your hairdryer and tighten the shrink-wrap style film.

This is the “during” process when the hairdryer comes in.

The process is very satisfying of removing the wrinkles.

But satisfaction is all well and good during the process, but what if the room remained cold?

The real value here though, is the draught has decreased. What I would love is a landlord who is prepared to invest in double glazing, but for now, this is a much better solution.

I have, however, only insulated the bottom window. This means I’ll still be able to open the window during summer to allow some fresh air in. It does mean though, in winter I’ve still got some single glazed and some 1.5 glazing.

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