All the devils are here

We’re back on CCBC with a book review. This time I’m reviewing Louise Penny’s All the devils are here.

Full disclosure, mum read this first and told me it was a bit tricky to get into because some words are in french.

That’s true, there are some french words – but they’re pretty much well known in English – so it isn’t the biggest of challenges.

What’s more, is I thought this was going to be a murder mystery, yet the early attack on a character didn’t result in instant death so trips to hospital are key.

That’s just one way to highlight that this isn’t a regular murder mystery. The attack takes place in Paris on a close friend to the ex-head of homicide in Canada. Naturally, he wants to be involved in the developments of the case.

But he’s also out there with his family so it’s a mix up of a family’s dynamic and a big case, that clearly extends past a few people and then there is a worry that you can’t trust anyone. This makes it very gripping.

Even up to the last few chapters, you aren’t entirely sure who has done what and who can be trusted. I’d highly recommend giving this a read.

Up next, we’ll be sticking on the thriller theme and I’ll be reviewing, the secrets you hide by Kate Helm.

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