Ok, so today’s title isn’t all that cryptic.

Today, I’m talking about housemates.

The reason this has come about is because I’ve recently moved back to London and I’ve chosen a room within an existing house share. This means I have new housemates.

And I can’t get over what an odd concept this is. I viewed the house and covered off the basics about their working lives. Fast forward a few weeks and we’re eating dinner together, sharing a bathroom and living under the same roof.

And what’s worse. I have no real idea about their usual routine. I tend to eat in the kitchen and they’ve joined me, but do they normally eat in the lounge and feel weird about eating in there? I say this as we all seem like the kind of people who are too polite to eat somewhere else!

There’s very few people in life that you go from strangers to sharing brunch with in a week but that seems to be how the housemate routine goes. There’s also some people who I’ve met and within that week I’ve realised they’re not my kind of people and so wouldn’t want to live with them, but that’s not something you can do when the contract is signed.

I’ve not met all my new housemates since moving in, but so far we’ve got a very easy living arrangement – let’s hope that continues.

As mentioned up top, I’ve just moved into a new house and there is definitely some more content I can squeeze out from this new situation so look out for more house related post.

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