A little bit thrifty

Did something a little new, so obviously it requires a blog post!

I’ve done clear outs before, and dropped a bag of clothes off at the charity shop. But I’ve never done this online. Until now.

Thrift + is an option to donate your pre-loved clothes and for them to sell them online.

It’s pretty straightforward. Order a bag. I did 2 a I wasn’t sure on size, but it’s certainly big enough for a decent level of reduction. Fill and return.

But this is online, so there’s a whole new level of tech integration.

When your bag arrives, you scan a QR code and log in to your account – or register – and then stuff to your heart’s content.

Once your bag is full, you scan the same QR code again. This time, you decide what to do with the proceeds of the content’s sale. You can take 1/3 for yourself and give the rest to charity (minus commission for thrift) or give all to charity. It’s not quite cash for you, but credit to buy someone else’s pre-loved items.

It goes back via collect plus, rather than the royal mail. But rather than printing a postage label, you are given a barcode for the shopkeeper to scan and then they print it off! What a dream.

Your items are then uploaded and they check you’re happy and you watch the money roll in for charity. Couldn’t be easier than that.

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