Loose Head

We’re back with a book review on Catherine’s Corner’s Book Club.

But before I dive into the review of the book, I want to start with a little story.

A little while back, Joe Marler featured on The Wheel and I mentioned that he had an autobiography and that I thought it would be a good read. I then noticed it was on mum’s shopping list and I thought “oh, no” she’s taken it as a Christmas hint but I don’t want to read it. It was heavily crossed out.

When opening the present I could tell there was a book and thought it might be the second instalment of The Thursday Murder Club, but no, a big old nose was staring back at me.

And that was Joe Marler’s nose – which according to the book is broken once a year!

This is the first autobiography I’ve read, so didn’t really know what to expect and I’m pretty sure if I read another one, it won’t be like this one.

There’s a whole chapter dedicated to nudity, which probably gives you a sense of the vibe from the book! I will admit, the drug test in Japan is a story that I will be sharing with friends – but maybe not over the dinner table.

Obviously, Joe is a rugby player so there is a lot of talk about the game, tours but also the light-hearted side of the game – such as the nicknames certain players are given – and the silly way they are given out.

But he also doesn’t shy away from some of the darker sides of the game – including his discipline record – and the challenges he faced by going on tour and spending time away from family.

It’s well worth a read, but probably one more one for the rugby fans. The oddest thing I do think about the book is that Joe is currently – and for the fans, we know why currently is important – from the game so there are bound to be a few more chapters in this story!

Having strayed into new territory with this book, I’m back on more usual ground with a thriller. I’ll be reviewing All The Devils Are Here by Louise Penny.

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