Let’s get tapp’d

Rare twist of fate – no rant!

The fact that alcohol is involved might explain why I like it.

But today we’re talking about cocktails – but not the fancy ones where you pay an arm and a leg for a bartender to make on for you – which is great until you’re behind a person ordering a load when you just want a glass of wine.

No, this cocktail is one you have at home.

Specifically in a bottle, which you shake and serve.

These have now become a firm favourite of a Saturday night. A, because I like cocktails and B, because I don’t want to try and recreate a pornstar at home and get it wrong.

Mixed in the UK, tapp’d cocktails can pack a punch – cosmo in particular hit hard – but that’s exactly what I want from a cocktail.

I’m not saying I’m tight, but they’re also pretty reasonable – a big box of 24 works out at £2.50 per drink – a far cry from the prices I’m used to paying at the bar.

I think I’m supposed to include a disclaimer that I’ve whacked a cheeky investment in the company so their success becomes my success. So, I’d like you to start drinking them of a weekend too so I don’t become the only person sinking all the drinks! But I’d also like to include the disclaimer, to always drink responsibly.

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