Donation for the new year

I’m a firm believer that News Year’s resolutions are nonsense, sadly, I won’t be blogging about that today as no one wants repeat content!

However, I did want to make a suggestion for something to think about and discuss this year. It’s no secret that I’m a blood donor. In fact, I’ve blogged about that twice now. And for the free biscuits alone, I’d suggest signing up to give a pint. But today, I want to talk about a different kind of donation.

Organ donation.

In England, we now have an opt-out system to be an organ donation. However, it does still require the family’s permission. And so, if you’re still reeling from Brexit coming up over the dinner table and an argument following, why not share your wishes?

By the time you’ve reached the point that organ donation is being discussed, you probably don’t have much use for them now, so why keep them? There’s a rather long waiting list for organ donations and if you were waiting you’d want to think everyone that could donate, would. So you can give the gift of hope.

Dad was quite vocal about his desire to be an organ donor, so we agreed to donate when we were asked the question. It does require quite a long questionnaire to be completed – and a few more covid tests for dad – to make sure the gift is in a good shape. Dad was able to give his kidneys to two different people in their 60s and his liver to a man in his 30s. Is there a better give than a second chance at life?

I do understand people can still object to organ donation now it is an opt-out system, however, if there’s one thing you do this year, make sure your loved ones know your wishes.

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